Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Arrangements for Etsy

Today has been a whirlwind! After being featured on the home page, I was scrambling around to process orders and get flowers made so I could post some new arrangements. One person who purchased one of the arrangements I listed yesterday asked if I could do another one instead with pink flowers instead of purple. So I had to make a new one. I decided to relist the purple version and it sold in about an hour!
I also made 2 new arrangements this evening after spending the entire morning on making flowers. I feel like I should have made more. I decided to make poppies, ranunculus, roses, hyacinth and tuberose arrangements in purples, greens and whites and the other one in coral, peach, pink and green tones. The two in the rectangular vases are now available on my Etsy site. I really like these rectangular vases I have. They are so cute and hold so many flowers. Just wish I had more of them.
Anyway, back to making flowers. Hope you like what you see!

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