Tuesday, April 28, 2009

White Cymbidium Orchids with Merlot Accents

Here's the bridal order from my client Lori. She too found me on Etsy and asked if I could create her flowers. Originally she wanted white plumerias and then she changed her mind and wanted orchids. We agreed on the white cymbidium orchid based on her budget.
She ordered 2 bouquets and then later decided she wanted 4 corsages and 6 bouttonieres. So, these are some sneak peeks at her order. The first is of her bridal bouquet and the other 2 pictures are the corsage and the bouttoniere. I like the smokey champagne ribbon with the merlot accent on the stems. With the merlot colored fillers I had, I thought it worked perfectly with her colors.
Now that this order is essentially done, I can move onto my long list of other orders to work on. Never a dull moment in my life and work. :)

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