Saturday, February 7, 2009

Black and White Bouquet - Anemones, Gardenias and Sweet Peas

I got an email early this week from a bride who saw my stuff and asked if I would be able to make a bridal bouquet for her NYC wedding on 2/21. Yes, 2/21! She isn't spending a lot of money given it doesn't make sense given the economy and she's having a vintage style wedding in black and white. She bought most of her items from Etsy artisans which I think is awesome. I suggested to her ivory anemones and sweet peas. Although her budget wouldn't allow what I had envisioned, we scaled it back and added gardenia flowers per her request with a few anemones thrown in. I love the striking look of this bouquet. Soft and subtle but the black anemone centers break up the ivory and white color palette. Plus with the black satin ribbon wrap I decided to add a little sparkle with the rhinestone buckle which I think will match since her hair fascinator has some rhinestone treatments in it as well.

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