Friday, January 23, 2009

Plumeria Themed Weddings Revisited - Plumeria Favor Boxes

As part of the wedding that I'm working on, I just finished the plumeria favor boxes that the client had ordered. They are going to ship to the Big Island tomorrow. I hope to have images of the centerpiece design on Sunday. It's such a beautiful, yet simple wedding favor but will definitely be well received by my couple's wedding guests. They look so real you want to smell them. LOL..

This particular client ordered Big Island Candies shortbread cookies and they had a custom tea made for them with a note, "The Perfect Blend, Shaun & Carol, February 15, 2009). Let me tell you the tea smells AMAZING. Very tropical and I have a feeling it has pineapple and passionfruit hints in it. Cookies and custom teas... what a great wedding gift to give to their guests! Even better, Arna Johnson of Arna Photography is the wedding photographer!

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