Friday, January 23, 2009

Plumeria & Cymbidiium Orchid Centerpieces

I'm almost done with Carol's order. This is the last component of her order, 10 table centerpieces! She definitely wanted plumerias but also wanted green cymbidium orchids. We originally had talked about a 4x4 glass cube with the flowers coming out of it, but I remember that Carol wanted some height to her arrangements. So I found these 6x4x4 glass vases that seemed perfect for what she wanted and still within the budget. So I intermixed the plumerias with green cymbidiums and instead of doing a lot of green filler, I thought the dark burgundy brown fern curls would add a nice earthy element with the grass fillers by giving it some height at the same time.
I'm really happy with the way these came out and I am sure the bride will be too. Thus far her and her mom have been very pleased with the items I sent them photos of today! I'm still working on the centerpiece flowers, but by Monday, I hope to be completed with the order, let dry and ship on Thursday! Best wishes to Carol and Shaun!

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