Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baby Shower Invitations - Butterflies, Crystals, Apple Green and Pink

One of my loyal clients contacted me last week and asked if I could help her out again with some baby shower invitations for another one of her good friends that is expecting. If you recall several months ago I did a Baby Shower Tea invitation with pinks and browns. This time they wanted something to match their friend's personality and style. Chelsea sent me a website to her honoree's baby room decor and I thought that this combination would be perfect. It had a light pink with a patterned apple green print as well. She said her friend is girly and is more of a "princess" style thing.... I take that to mean all things pretty, beautiful and elegant. :)

So, I thought about the design and I did a few concepts. The first one was a floral pattern again with the pink and green. The second was the one that the client and her co-hostesses picked, but I suggested to embellish it with pink crystals. We still decided to do the pocket design with the label attached to a ribbon. This is the end result. I think it's pretty, modern but yet girly and baby shower related with the butterflies and dragonflies!
Again, it's so wonderful to have clients like Chelsea. Even today I got a call from another interested bride who was at another client's wedding over a year and a half ago and she loved my favor so much she wants to talk to me about doing her wedding favors. Gotta love referrals!

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