Thursday, October 16, 2008

DK Designs Birthday Invitations

Yesterday, I received an email from the husband of one of my clients who ordered the cute high tea baby shower invitations I made a few months back. Chelsea, my client was so happy with them and because her husband was running behind on getting the invitations out, they asked me if I could help.

Initially I thought to myself after I heard they need them ASAP, is "there's no way I can do this order." However, after a little bit of thought, I decided to go ahead and do the order. Chelsea came to me by way of one of my other clients Laurie who got married a few years back in Maui and she told Chelsea about me when they were looking for baby shower invitations. Chelsea and the honoree, Eva, LOVED the invitations and they were fun to work with and the invitations were fun to make.

Jackson, Chelsea's husband liked the style, but asked that the invitations be more earthy and not so girlie as his mom is not a girlie-girl. She's into horseback riding and cooking. He gave me the link to the site where they are having her surprise party and asked if I could create something. So, this is the design concept I came up with.
The location is Costanoa - a beachy-rustic resort in Santa Cruz area and Jackson wanted blues, greens and browns. I think it came out really nice. Definitely earthy, somewhat beachy and yet very sophisticated. They really LOVED the design and are happy that I could help at such short notice. :) I have to say though, I have a really hard time turning down my loyal clients when they need help with a new event or celebration they are planning! Yes, I continue to have a problem saying "no" but for all the right reasons... Another happy customer!

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