Sunday, October 19, 2008

Clay Flower Making Weekend

So what happens you ask when you end up making the wrong colored flowers for a client. Well, they end up becoming part of wonderful floral arrangements to sell on my Etsy site! This weekend, I have been focusing on several things. I have several orders I'm working on for wedding clients (bouquets, cake flowers, hair flowers) and some past clients who want larger arrangements. One of my clients asked for coral pink roses and I make them 2 different ways (one with an orange center and one with a more pink center). Well, I accidentally made the orange center with pink outer petals which is the reverse of what the order was. But I love these roses so much I decided to use them in some arrangements since I've been a little light on my Etsy storefront offerings. When I make flowers for my orders many times I have extras and I try to create new arrangements to sell. Anyway, these are a few new items on my Etsy storefront. I also have a lot of clients who want gardenias so I decided to create my Gardenias in Something Pink (original one was in Something Blue). Hopefully if I have more time I'll create more of these in different colored cups to match your decor. :)

Stay tuned because in the coming weeks and months, I'll be doing giveaways of my creations via other websites/blogs. I'll keep you posted as those come up so you can enter to win! :)

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