Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 5 - Miss Pineapple's Order

My workspace now looks literally like I run a florist shop! The flowers are blooming everywhere... The only difference, I make my flowers... LOL... Yesterday I spent the day fielding a lot of email inquiries directly and via my Etsy site after Miss (now Mrs.) Pineapple posted the progression of her clay flowers on the blog. My web page views shot up to near 900! Gotta love it. Being a corporation of one, however, it's hard to keep up with all aspects, but I do my best. Finally after lunch, I decided, I NEED to focus on the flowers. So by the end of the day yesterday I had managed to make 24 Victorian mauvish purple roses (20-25 petals each), 5 fully open peonies in a light peach with copper fringe center (individually cut center with 25-30 petals each).

Today I thought I would show you how her bridesmaid bouquets are shaping up. I still have the deep copper colored filler flowers to make today (goal is 30 clusters of 5-7 flowers per cluster) individually rolled with a toothpick! Miss Pineapple also gave me creative license in terms of the bridesmaid bouquets and mix it up a little. So some bouquets will have more peonies, some with more copper roses, some with more ranunculus, etc. It kind of makes sense because the groomsmen will have different copper colored ties in different patterns/textures and the bridesmaids will be wearing different styles of a black dress!

Well, back to work... My goal today is to finish those clusters and start my next big order... which will be somewhat of a challenge. King protea in a rich chocolate/burgandy tone and green succulents... After that... my first large centerpiece order in some 12 inch urn style vases. Lots to do so stay tuned..

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