Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bird of Paradise Inspired Invitations

A client contacted me a few weeks ago and had expressed interest for my wedding invitations and favor boxes. Her wedding is in August. I initially told her no because with my current order flow and planned vacation, I wouldn't have time to fit in her order. She begged and pleaded and was even willing to settle on a very late delivery of her invitations. She really had her heart set on my designs. So, I thought about it and agreed. Thankfully with the help of my aunt who helps me with assembly of invitations, we were able to finish her wedding invitations today. 
I'm excited about this client's orders because she wants bird of paradise as her flower on her favor box. Good thing I figured out the bird of paradise flower months ago. Jenn's colors are orange, green and a steel purple. She was so happy with the design and the colors.

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