Monday, March 9, 2009

Mrs. Pineapple's Recap of Her Wedding Day!

(Image courtesy of Mingwei Tay Photography)
Today was a fabulous day for me in terms of coverage. Mrs. Pineapple ( returned with some photos from her wedding day, giving a recap of the getting ready to become Mr. Pineapple! There were some really great shots of the bouquets I did for her. The comments to the post were even more splendid as everyone thought the flowers were AWESOME! :) Click here to read the blog post by Mrs. Pineapple
(Image courtesy of Mary Mervis Photography)

Mrs. Pineapple has been one of my biggest fans and we still keep in touch via Facebook which is nice and I get to keep up with her growing wedding photography and wedding invitation business!

(Image courtesy of Mary Mervis Photography)

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Anonymous said...

It's so awesome that you did Mrs. Pineapple's bouquet!