Monday, March 9, 2009

DK Designs Clay Flowers Featured on Indie Wedding Guide!

This morning I checked my website stats and noticed a huge jump that's not normal. So I remembered that the editor of Vintage Indie asked me late last week if they could use some of my photos for an upcoming article for Indie Wedding Guide. I checked their blog site this morning and there were my bouquets! :) It was a really nice article and I'm so honored that they featured my designs. Click here to read the full article or click on the image.

Clay flowers are so unique and different and I think the more press it gets the more brides will see what's possible and that they aren't just limited to fresh flowers or silk flowers as an option for their wedding day florals! Thank you to Indie Wedding Guide for featuring me on your blog today!

Well, I'm busy working on a bridal order that has to ship on Saturday so I have to get back to that. Pictures of those items to come later this week!

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