Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pearl Stephanotis Bouquet

I've been busy trying to finish orders (LOL, when am I not, you must be asking???). Last night I was able to finish Molly's bouquet. She's wearing a Thai silk vintage style wedding dress and she wanted a vintage style bouquet to accent her dress. We were going to do birdcage veil material at the base, but she couldn't find what she liked so we opted to go for all stephanotis flowers with pearl centers. The only thing on this bouquet is I forgot that she wanted ivory not white. But even with white it's nice because the flowers are off-white. She wanted a wide ribbon so this is somewhat of a departure from my bouquets, since I just wrap the stems. I think however given the theme she has, this works perfectly. There are over 165 flowers in this dome shaped bridal bouquet!

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Anonymous said...

Diane, Elegant and Beautiful! Very classic - a lot of work, but the result is a showpiece to be treasured.