Sunday, December 14, 2008

Real Wedding - Jessica & Chris

I received an email today from a former client/bride with photos from her wedding. She got married in September. She contacted me in June asking if I could recreate my Tasha bouquet for her as she REALLY wanted me to make her bouquet and she persisted until I said, "yes". Even though I had a really hectic September, I agreed to do it and I used the Tasha bouquet as inspiration, but modified it slightly so now it's the Jessica bouquet!

I really enjoy seeing photos of my work from the wedding day and to hear how happy my brides are with their flowers. Plus for those who are skeptical about going with clay flowers, the real wedding day photos really showcase how real the flowers do look and the fact that my clients will forever have a bouquet to remember their wedding day by!

I got an email from Miss Pineapple (now Mrs. Pineapple) the other day and she shared a wonderful story. She said that when they were taking photos in Philadelphia in the city they were near a sculpture and she accidentally hit the bridal bouquet I made for her and she said that everyone gasped thinking it broke and to everyone's surprise, not a petal moved. Now that's a true testament to how durable these flowers really are! She even said that as they passed people in the city they all commented on how lovely the flowers are. Comments and feedback like this make me so happy and that's why I LOVE what I do!

Thank you Jessica and Chris for sharing some of your wedding day photos with me. Congratulations on your recent wedding and Best Wishes for a lifetime of love, happiness and friendship!


Tinygami said...

Wow that bouquet is gorgeous! Really beautiful. That's so nice of your clients to send back photos so you can see just how your flowers looked that day.

I love the story about your flowers being *bonk* proof. You should add that to your marketing "You can hit scuptures with them and it won't make a dent!" JK :P

DK Designs said...

Aaww... Thanks Stacie! :) Yes, it's really nice when it's not expected. I so appreciate it since I can't be at any of the weddings to see the bouquets in action. ;) Plus to see my happy brides is a big bonus.

The testimonial from Miss Pineapple cracked me up but it was great because so many people worry about how fragile they are so this will tell them that they aren't as fragile as they seem. :)

HeavenlyBrooks said...

Thank you again Diane for all your help! We used a signing vase instead of a book so that I would be able to showcase my bouquet forever! Let me know if you would like anymore pictures, the photographer, Patrick Pike, is simply amazing and we are also showcased as one of his wedding portfolios! Thanks again DK Designs!

DK Designs said...

Jessica - what a great idea to use a signing vase instead of a book so you can look at your bouquet and also your vase and remember all who were their to celebrate your special day! I'll definitely touch base with Patrick. His work is awesome!