Saturday, December 13, 2008

Proposal in Paradise Launches Lea McIntosh's Ready to Propose Custom Proposals & Concierge

I posted several months ago about a new company that was developed and envisioned by my friend, Lea McIntosh who is a wonderful event designer and event planner in the Bay Area, appropriately called "Ready to Propose". She wanted to really kick off her company with something BIG and she did just that. She teamed up with Andrew Hsu of Studio MSV, a talented filmmaker and videographer and 17 of the best wedding professionals in the Bay Area to create a Proposal in Paradise. What do you get when you put 18 talented wedding professionals in one room? You get what's called Vendor Chic! The talents of these two individuals brought together the BEST of the BEST to create a romantic, sexy proposal video that would impress anyone. This particular Vendor Chic as I mentioned, kicks off Lea McIntosh's new company, Ready to Propose! The perfect answer for the guy who wants to do a special, customized proposal for the love of his life but has no idea on what to do. Lea and her team can create something amazing, romantic and a proposal she won't ever forget! As you watch this video, could you imagine this being you and your significant other putting this elaborate plan and magical day together just to propose? Lea has no shortage of AMAZING ideas and I'm so happy for her in her new endeavor and I know it's going to be successful.

I was fortunate to meet Lea through Stacie Tamaki of The Flirty Guide and we just so happened to meet just prior to the video shoot. She saw my clay flowers and invitations and thought they were the perfect fit for her "Proposal in Paradise" concept. I was so honored to be asked to be part of this wonderful project. The most amazing part is my tiare hair flower is in almost every frame of the video. The amazing cast of vendors include, Lea McIntosh of Ready to Propose, Stacie Tamaki's custom beaded pineapple cake topper via The Flirty Bride, Nicole Ha Floral Designs, Andrew Hsu of StudioMSV, Soo Photography, Wildflower Linen, Armando Sarabia of get your DO up!, Gabrielle of Cake Coquette, and so many more wonderfully talented wedding professionals.

Thank you Lea for the opportunity to be part of this amazing project and to include me in the kick off of your new company! YOU ROCK! :)

My Swarovski crystal encrusted pineapple inspired invitation that is seen at the end of the spa sequence of the video, inspired Stacie to create an over-the-top beautiful pineapple cake topper! What an amazing opportunity I had to be part of this fantastic video and custom proposal concept!

Click here to watch the video

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