Friday, December 12, 2008

Another Wedding Vendor GTG

My wonderful wedding colleague and dear friend, Debbie Friedrich of the illustrious and awesome Debbie Friedrich Photography was up from San Diego visiting the Bay Area. One of her former wedding clients just had a baby girl and they asked her to come up and do newborn photos. Just so happened they live very close to where I live and we met at Valley Fair Mall for lunch. I haven't seen Debbie since October 2007, where I met her for the first time at a wedding I was helping as a back-up coordinator. Debbie as you know is the reason why I started blogging! It was so much fun to see her on a social visit and just hang out and chat.

Too bad she had to head back to a company party that she was attending with her hubby back in the East Bay because I think we could have just kept talking and probably do some damage at the mall shopping! LOL.
If you're looking for a WONDERFUL photographer who has an amazing eye for photography and definitely shoots from the heart, Debbie is the photographer for you! She is such a beautiful person inside and out. So passionate about what she does and it's an honor to know her and be her friend! She does travel and do weddings all over CA and Hawaii.
Debbie inspires me to continue doing what I love to do and to always strive for more and be passionate about it! I am so happy and fortunate to know and befriend so many talented women in this industry. Not only is she a successful and talented wedding photographer but also a wonderful mother and wife. She juggles it all which is another reason why she inspires me.

It's so funny because she just posted her next photo that's a companion photo to her "Sunkiss" picture titled, "Flare" on her blog ( and I told her I want to order it. Turns out she told me the story the day those photos were taken she was taking pictures of the favors and place cards that I did for her client's wedding (the first time I met her). Maybe that's why I'm so drawn to these photos. Needless to say, Debbie does amazing work whether its of plant life, weddings, portraits, or lifestyle pictures. She's one of my favorite photographers and I can't wait to one day head down south and have her photograph my husband and son for a family portrait session. :) Hopefully sometime next year before my wedding season starts going crazy!


Tinygami said...

Aw so fun. First you get to meet Evonne Wong then you get to visit with your friend Debbie. That's so great! I love that photo too. The colors and composition are so striking.

DK Designs said...

I LOVE the GTGs. Especially when they are with friends/professionals from far away. Although we are always connected via email and the Internet, it's nice to have that face time. Can't wait until the next BAWN or breakfast with you and Lea! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I made it to your blog!! I was so happy to see our photo on here ^_^. Your blog entry left me smiling from ear to ear and so thankful for you.

Thank you so much for all your kind words, your endless support and always most important ... your friendship! I can't tell you how happy I was to finally get to SEE you again. I could have visited all day!

I'm excited to know that you may be down in my neighborhood. Can't wait to photograph your family for you and visit some more!

Love ya lots.

DK Designs said...

Deb - I swear I wish we had more time to just hang out. But since we're planning a trip down your way, hopefully we'll get the families together. :) I know Aidan would love the girls! He's a lady's man you know. LOL. :)

You're truly the BEST and I'm so happy to call you my friend! :)