Thursday, October 30, 2008

Aidan's 1st Preschool Halloween Parade

So yesterday, I had the opportunity to go to an industry function in San Francisco last night with Stacie Tamaki and Lea McIntosh. Click here to read Stacie's blog post. It's pretty entertaining. Everywhere we went, Stacie took photos, and she talked about all the things she was going to blog about. She was the guest speaker at BAWN (Bay Area Wedding Network) where almost 200 wedding professionals in the Bay Area gathered to network and listen to Stacie's presentation and a couple of other ones on how to successfully market your wedding business on the Internet via blogs and social networks (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc). The image to the left is courtesy of Stacie Tamaki (

The picture is Gabby of Cake Coquette and myself, showing her my clay flower samples I was giving to her to try out with her cakes! Gabby makes beautiful cakes and I'm hoping one day I can do a taste test and her shop. She does amazing work. She even worked for the CAKE DIVAS in Hollywood (if you've seen the reality TV show on WeTV, it's pretty interesting and entertaining). Gabby is excited about promoting this to her clients as an alternative to sugar and gumpaste flowers.

It was interesting because as I explained to over a dozen people what I do, they still couldn't get what I did. Next time, I plan to bring one of my arrangements so they can see firsthand what clay flowers are all about. I'm looking forward to the next one. It was a nice night out and it was nice because we were in my husband's old neighborhood as the Flood Mansion is two blocks up from where he used to live when we first started dating. I got to even buy my French Macaroons. :) YUMMY! This is what is left of the 8 delectable macaroons I bought.

So onto my other story for today. Today was my son's 1st Preschool Halloween parade! I will only share pictures of my son since I'm not so sure the other mommies and his teachers want their pictures on this blog. He was Buzz Lightyear. He did a great job and he actually helped his teacher and the class participate in a song. We weren't encouraged to stay for the rest of the party, but it was so cute to see my son and all his classmates dressed up in their costumes. Another first and special moment!

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Tinygami said...

Thanks for going to the BAWN meeting Diane. And going to the cheese shop, and to the In-n-Out Burger.

You'll have to bring a bouquet for sure next time! It's the only way to show people how amazing your flowers really are.

That is one cute Buzz Lightyear you've got there :D