Sunday, March 24, 2013

Last Minute Cake Topper....

Last week, I received and inquiry about a cake topper a client had found on my blog. It was everything she wanted. Her lead-time was very short as she has to get her cake topper and all her wedding day items to the event planner at the country club by 4/2. I gave her a bunch of options, none of which she accepted.
Joni called me and was very persistent. She complimented me on my work and how beautiful and perfect she thought that cake topper was. My plate was pretty full and she didn't woo me by just telling me how great my work is. I was actually more touched by the fact that she is 50 years old and this is her first marriage. She has been seeing her fiance for over 15 years and she told him that he should focus on his children and their education first and when they are all grown and on their own, that maybe their time would come. She is so excited and that's what convinced me to do the cake topper for her even though my order capacity was full.

Best Wishes to Joni and her fiance and I'm so happy that your wedding day dreams are about to come true!

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