Thursday, May 24, 2012

Printed Details...

I'm in the home stretch, 1 week to get all my orders done so I don't stress my husband out before vacation. The last couple of days I've been working on some print orders for wedding day details. 
The first order was an add-on from a mother of the bride, who I've been working on favors for. Originally she had decided to make their own table cards and menus but after much thought, she and her husband asked if I would be willing to create those as well so they have one cohesive design. Plus probably a lot less work for them too. :)  The table cards are Hawaiian phrases and they wanted it to be a conversation piece for their guests during dinner to guess what they all mean. 

The menu sounds oh-so delicious doesn't it? I want to be a guest at this wedding because the food sounds ono-licious. :)

The other order is for another destination Big Island wedding. There are other pieces that go with this print order but I wanted to share this one as it's really cute. My client saw my wedding weekend itinerary that I did for another Big Island client and she asked if I would do the same for hers but it would be a week's itinerary. These will go in the welcome bags for their guests who are flying a long distance to share in their wedding day. I hope to share photos later on when they are available as I suspect this wedding is going to be AMAZING! :) 
I'm in the midst of lilac production, 510 lilac buds created yesterday. I probably have double that amount of lilac blossoms to create in the next couple of days.

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