Friday, May 25, 2012

One Bouquet Inspires Another...

Months ago, I was contacted by a bride who is using Eclectic Unions as her celebrant for her upcoming June wedding. She fell in love with Jessie's bridal bouquet that I created and wanted one for her wedding. It's always hard to try and make bouquets look alike and I prefer not to as each bouquet is a symbol of each specific bride and they deserve to have their own unique bouquet.  

 Andrea's colors were slightly different she wanted hints of blue, so she found a picture of sweet peas in a periwinkle blue. She also wanted whites versus ivories and no greenery. So even though the flowers are the same in the bouquets, Andrea's bouquet is still very different from Jessie's. The bouquet has purple lilacs, lavender and white English roses, lily of the valley and periwinkle and light purple sweet peas.
 I still have to work on the boutonniere for her groom, which I'll share photos of tomorrow. Hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend. Not much going on here except for tackling my list of orders!


Unknown said...

I absolutely love your flowers! You are so talented! I had one try and wasn't very good, but I plan on trying more...I just have to order more of that amazing clay:)

DK Designs said...

Thank you so much Talina. Lots of practice, lots and lots of practice. :)