Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Custom Panna Cotta Favors for a Holy First Communion

My dearest best friend is having her 2nd daughter's holy 1st communion next weekend and she had asked me to work on the invitations. We had discussed doing edible favors for the party since she was drooling over all my yummy desserts I've been posting on my FB page. So we decided to do small panna cotta verrines. She decided on the coffee panna cotta with coffee gelee and cocoa nibs for one and the other will be creme fraiche panna cotta with strawberry mousse and fresh strawberries. 

 We tossed around ideas for the containers and I finally decided on getting these small mason/canning jars that are 4 oz. I decorated it with pink fabric that has cute butterflies on them, tied them with green sheer ribbon, a custom stamped spoon and a favor label. Love how they turned out. Next week I'll be busy making 40 panna cotta verrines!

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