Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Poppy Cake Flower Trio in Two Shades... Lemon Yellow and Salmon Pink

After making the poppy hair flowers, I decided to make a trio of the salmon pink poppies as cake flowers. I got to thinking that lemon yellow would be equally as beautiful, so late last night after a business meeting I decided to stay up and complete those flowers as well.
So this morning I finished the accent painting and assembly and decided to list the flowers for sale on my Etsy shop. I feel a lot better about getting things up there for sale for 2012. I've been really bad the last year or so making new things. It's nice to have some new fresh items to share with all of you.Link
The flower trios have 3 different sizes. The smallest poppy is 3 inches,Link the medium is 3.5 inches and the large is 4 inches. Obviously I can customize them to the size you need. I could totally see an ombre layered/frosted cake with these flowers complimenting the shades of yellow or salmon pink! Only wish I was good enough to make a cake to go with the flowers to show you what I envision. Maybe one day....

Check out my Etsy shop for these flowers. They are ready to ship, well in a few days when they are completely dry!

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