Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Hair Flower Listings.... Poppies!

I've been trying to find new things to offer in my Etsy shop. Always being creative is not as easy as one thinks. I think in 2010-2011, I felt drained from being so busy with orders that I felt that creative burn out! It was hard to try to find my bursts of creative energy. For 2012, I intend to focus on being more creative, developing new things and making sure to offer more things in my Etsy shop.
This weekend, I worked on a few orders that I needed to get done, but found some time to make some new hair flowers to offer on my Etsy site. The sunny weather that we're getting makes me excited for Spring and now that we're going to get rain for a week, these bright poppy hair flowers are a reminder that the rain will bring beautiful Spring blooms in a few short months.
I love the look of these 3 shades of salmon pink poppy hair flowers. They are roughly 4 inches in diameter. I love the ombre look of cakes you see gracing so many of the wedding and cake industry blogs, so I thought, why not do it with hair flowers. These would be perfect for a bride who wants to give her bridesmaids something that's the same yet different. I could just imagine bridesmaids dresses in these shades.
I didn't get a chance to make them this weekend, but I loved this combination so much I'm thinking it would be equally as perfect as cake flowers. Kind of like the hibiscus cake flowers I did, but poppies would be great for a Spring wedding! Stay tuned for that.LinkCheck out my Etsy site for my latest hair flower listings. Later this week I hope to have some floral arrangements to tell you about as well.