Monday, May 30, 2011

A Special Gift...

One of my former brides and fellow Etsy artisans, asked me if I could help her create a wonderful floral arrangement for some relatives who are helping her father-in-law through his illness. They've done so much for my client and her husband to care for their dad so she wanted to give them something to show them just how much they appreciated their help and support.My client really liked the bouquet I did for my client Jessie. Granted I try not to make any of my bouquets or arrangements exactly alike so there's a few modifications, but ever so slight. My client told me the couple's room is blue and white and she asked if I thought this would go with their room. I told her blues and purples are very complimentary in color so it would be a great pop of color in their bedroom.
I have another arrangement I have to work on for another one of my repeat clients this week, magnolias and plum blossoms! Stay tuned for that.

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