Monday, February 28, 2011

Plum, Aquamarine and Navy Wedding Invitations

My dear friend who I used to dance hula with asked me if I could create her wedding invitations for her. I was honored that she asked and was excited at the opportunity. I showed her a past design which she really liked but wanted plum to be the main color. The secondary cardstock is the one that gave her the most trouble trying to figure out. Normally I do the traditional ribbon band with the label, but she asked me to try something else because she really wanted to use a sheer plum ribbon. So we opted to put the patterned aquamarine stock as a band so the plum ribbon would show.
I love how this invitation turned out and the fact that she asked me to try something different. It reminds me of a Japanese kimono obi for some reason. Being we are both of Japanese heritage, I think it's fitting for their wedding. The orchids are something near and dear to his fiance's mother who passed away a year ago. So lots of meaning to this invitation.
I didn't think plum, aquamarine and navy blue would work together, but I think the aquamarine stock really makes the invitation come to life!

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Andrea said...

I absolutely love the colors and the design! Beautiful job!