Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fleuri - Winter and Spring Collections

Myrna has been spending countless hours this past weekend to finish her 4 boxes for the Fleuri - a breathtaking collection of flora and fauna for the 30 year exhibition of DECO Clay Craft Academy. I just had to share her two boxes which I think are both my favorites of the 4 she created. Myrna never ceases to amaze me with her creativity!

The winter inspired box contains magnolias. Whether they are a considered a winter flower, I'm not sure, but they grow in California in the winter, so we went with it. I love her penguin fishing for cute fish to eat and share with his seal friend!
The spring inspired box is another great one. Myrna made a swing and an arbor of all things. So cute! She used plum/cherry blossoms for this arrangement to go with my shades of pink box. I hope to receive the boxes on Wednesday and put them together so you can finally see the completed ensemble! Stay tuned.

It's been rather busy on this end. I've been working on two invitation orders and tomorrow I'm focusing on some small custom orders and then back to working on wedding day details. I also hope to share some exciting news coming for 2011 in the coming weeks!