Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Flowers Inspired by a Kimono Style Wedding Dress

(Photo courtesy of the bride, Kristen)
Sometimes I get inquiries about how to incorporate a design from a bride's gown into their wedding bouquets. This one is especially unique because the bride was having a wedding gown made with silk kimono elements.
She specifically asked for whites and greens in her bouquet and wanted, chrysanthemums, small Asiatic lilies, cherry blossoms and cattleya orchids. Honestly doing the lilies and the mums are my least favorite to make, but I was determined to make them beautiful. Each time that I have the opportunity to create flowers, I try my best to find new ways to make the flower more realistic or happen upon another technique that works better for me.
I love green and white and this bouquet has so much texture and different elements that make it beautiful There are chrysanthemums on Kristen's dress as well as cherry blossoms. We were able to finish off the bouquet with remnants from the red portion of her kimono.Her bridesmaids will be wearing red so she opted for a single large red peony again with remnants from her kimono.Having a Japanese heritage myself, this was a fun order to work on!

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