Monday, November 29, 2010

Teaching the C3 course to an instructor from Singapore

My blog posts have been been few and far between. I've been super busy teaching the C3 instructor's course the last 2 weeks. I'm always amazed at how far students and instructors will travel to take classes with me! This time, I had the pleasure of teaching Shahida from Forever Blooms Decor Gifts! She teaches and does finished products in Singapore.
I have to say, it's been a great pleasure to teach Shahida the new flowers and concepts that I learned during my C3 training but more importantly, it's been really nice getting to know her as well. I feel like I have another good DECO friend. She has the same passion and I have and it's easy to see why she is very successful in Singapore.
She finished her final class with me today and she successfully completed all 7 series and each series contains 1-3 projects in each, which is no small feat. This is her first time to the US and everyone asked if she went to San Francisco or did some sightseeing. She honestly stayed in her hotel room working on her homework if she wasn't in the studio learning the new techniques. The requirement was that she had to finish every single project and I'm so proud of her because she did just that! Today she was rewarded with a trip to the big mall in our area and did some shopping for herself and her family.I hope I'll get to see Shahida again if she decides to come and take the series 8-10 with me. I wish her lots of continued success as I know EVERYONE will be asking her to create these new flowers for them and will ask when they too can learn all these new flowers. If you live in Singapore, please contact Shahida at Forever Blooms Decor Gifts as she would be happy to share with you the art of DECO Clay! Just so you know, all photos were taken by yours truly, but the work is that of Shahida! As you can see she is very talented too! This is just a small amount of what she completed during her training.

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Forever Blooms Decor Gifts said...

gee..its that Diane for your time and dedication to teach me..I'm loss for words. I will try to come again to finish off with you.:)