Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Items for an Upcoming Craft Fair

Next Saturday, I will be joining the talents of zenatona once again and we will be showcasing our art at a craft fair in the San Diego area. I've completed 2 arrangements that I really like how they turned out and wanted to share. I hope to get several more completed. My friend and business partner Myrna is creating pieces to represent gofigurette! as well and I'm so excited about her figurine ornaments! They are SO SO cute!
This first piece consists of 2 lovely whitish ivory, full bloom peonies, 4 green cymbidiums and 2 white and green lilac clusters. It's fresh and simple!
The 2nd piece I just finished utilizes this awesome tree trunk like vase that I found and I combined it with ivory roses, deep purple lilacs, light purple sweet peas and white and purple phaleanopsis orchids. Such a rich combination of color!

Back to my studio to create more flowers....

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Kristin said...

I love the tree trunk inspired vase and the gorgeous flowers inside it! :) Amazing work!