Saturday, November 27, 2010

Favors, ring pillow and small centerpieces

I'm in the midst of working on several components for the last BIG wedding of 2010! Here are a few elements that have been completed and will be shipping next week for my 12/30 wedding. Asuka and Nori have a very specific theme in terms of colors and flowers. Their colors are lavender, pink and white. They asked me to create the flowers for their entire wedding, minus the leis and the arch & aisle decor.I'll be working on the large guest table centerpieces for the reception and the bridal party flowers during the next few weeks, however I wanted to share the photos of their favors, small centerpieces they ordered for the welcome reception table and their ring pillow.Asuka wanted a lavender purple ring pillow with satin pink ribbon and a white peony. I love these pillows from Y & E Bridal. They have the best customer service and high quality pillows! I had them custom make the pillow based on Asuka's specifications.
Next were her favors. She wanted lauhala boxes but their budget wouldn't allow it. Plus I felt the lauhala was not a good fit with their color scheme and their florals. So we opted for these square white gloss boxes with lavender ribbon, cherry blossoms (actually plum blossoms) and their favor tag adhered to the bottom right corner.
Lastly they requested 4 small centerpieces which originally were supposed to be teapots modeled after the ones I created for their bridal shower, but because they will be bringing these home after the wedding they wanted something a little bit easier to hand carry home.

Well, back to my studio to make flowers for another order one of my other clients so that I can spend 100% of my time focused on this last wedding order of 2010! It's going to be a lot of work!

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