Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall Wedding Bouquet - Purples and Browns

Well, this isn't what you'd call a traditional fall bouquet, because I often think of oranges, yellows and browns. This bouquet focuses on plums, browns, greens and white. Wendy asked if I could create a bouquet for her using spotted orchids, hipericum berries, English roses and monkey tail fern curls. The final piece actually took 3 tries to get it right.
Spotted orchids have more of a magenta hue to the mouth and spots. However, Wendy asked if I could deepen the color to be more plum. So we worked together to see how we could continue to deepen the color. Although she wanted somewhat of a white bouquet, she also wanted the deep hues of fall to include the dark browns and plum colors. It's a very striking bouquet. Below is the groom's matching boutonniere with some purple wiring accents.I have 24 more orchids to paint that she intends to use for her manzanita branches for her centerpieces that the florist will be attaching. Hope Wendy will share photos of her wedding day as I would love to see how that looks! Best wishes to Wendy and her fiance on their wedding day!


Dobbygirl said...

Wow, just beautiful!

Tracey said...

Stunning and gorgeous! I'll bet the first try was too. {wink}

A lot of work with the hand-painting, but you got it looking perfect!