Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gardenia Bouquet for a Bridal Photoshoot

I'm super excited about this bouquet. Yes, it is a just a simple but elegant all gardenia wedding bouquet, but it's because of my client and her photographer! You probably recall the awesome photo of this bride and groom, compliments of Critsey Rowe! The bride contacted me on a Tuesday, the week of her wedding and asked if I could get a gardenia hair flower to her by Friday. So jumped through hoops to get it to her.The day of her wedding it poured and so a lot of the photographs they hope to capture were unfortunately not taken. Melissa and Jake have asked Critsey to come back out next month to do a portrait session. Melissa told me Jake's favorite flower is the gardenia. So I decided to make the new style of gardenia flower that I've been playing around with, which I think is more indicative of what many gardenias look like.
I am TOTALLY excited to see the photos when they are released. Melissa and Jake are a HOT couple and I'm so honored they asked me to create a bouquet for the shoot and so that she can keep it forever! :)

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Anonymous said...

I definately love your newly created white gardenias. I would love if I can order a hair peice for me, and a mens boutonniere. contact me at