Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sneak Peek at a Stunning Wedding Bouquet in Progress - Lilacs!

I've been knee deep so-to speak the last 3 days in making hundreds, make that thousands of lilac blossoms and buds. I have a client who came to me via one of my dear past brides and now good friend. The bride has seen the bouquet I made for Debi and was so excited at the possibility that I could make hers. The catch was that their wedding was only a month away! Normally it's not a big deal in most cases, but Brittany really wanted lilacs. I asked what other flowers she wanted and she replied, "an all lilac bouquet". My first response was HOLY COW. Well, that's not what I said, but in my mind lots of other words.Seriously though, I have never done an all lilac bouquet and I love when clients challenge me so I agreed to do her bouquet. She didn't want anything too big and thank gawd because I made 2800 buds and blossoms in total and granted I didn't use every single one, but I have to imagine the bouquet is roughly about 2500 buds/blossoms. I really started to get the groove of the flowers and the buds and how I wanted them to look. It really doesn't start to come together until I started taping each stalk. OMG, as I started the first one just to see if I was going to have enough my jaw dropped and I got super excited about the results. Today I finished making the buds and assembled all the stalks. I still have to paint and assemble how the final bouquet will look but I am quite pleased.
I think this has to be the most time consuming let alone the order with the most flower components I have ever done. I'm almost scared when people see these photos because then they too will want a lilac bouquet. I know I do, I want to keep it! LOL. What I love about Brittany is that she completely understood what it was all about and what it takes and we agreed on a price that was reasonable given the amount of work. Granted now that I've gone through it once, I think I would charge a little more next time.

It was a great experience and I love challenges. After this order is complete I have a few more things to accomplish and then I'm seriously taking a much deserved break. I am even contemplating putting my Etsy shop out of commission while I spend some time with family.