Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lilac Bouquet - Part II

Well, I really wanted to get this bouquet done tonight since I have other projects just behind this one. So I painted the buds and flowers to bring out more of their natural colors and so it wouldn't be so flat. Brittany wanted the look of "just picked from the garden" type of bouquet. The main focus obviously being the lilac blossoms. I would have loved to do the leaves in clay, but with the timing and budget I opted to use some fillers which I think rounds out the bouquet. This piece will certainly make a beautiful home decor piece after the wedding.
The last and final touches are the ribbons which I'm confirming with Brittany and then I have to tape more flowers that she wanted for her hair.

It's such a relief and a HUGE sense of accomplishment especially on this bouquet. It's like making 5 bouquets! LOL. I will have more photos after the final touches are added.


Hair Bows Wonderworld said...

You are awesome!

Jessie Blum @ Eclectic Unions said...

Wow, they are incredible! I'm even more excited for my lilac bouquet now :) I hope you have a wonderful break with your family!