Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shabby Chic Inspired Bouquets - Part I

I've been frantically trying to complete this order for a Canadian bride and I'm in the home stretch. I've been battling a cold mixed with allergies this weekend which has made it hard to focus on anything let alone flowers. Yesterday I had a good day and was able to complete 95% of the flowers. I spent this morning putting together the bouquets and completed the 3 bridesmaids bouquets.
My client Kate came to me and told me she was having a shabby chic inspired wedding and she had a lot of colors in mind, but the central focus was the deep purple anemone flower and everything else would be muted tones of pinks, creams and mauvish lavender purples. She initially had wanted some blue hydrangeas and then it turned to green and she finally settled on cream so that there weren't too many colors going on.
These are some images of the bouquets I took this morning. The lovely vintage Ball mason pint jars are from Midwest Finds on Etsy. Just love these jars, they make excellent props for my photos! I also had put the 3 bouquets in this 6x6x5" pandan box from Eco-Friendly Market. I love how it turned out. It would make a stunning centerpiece for a dining room table!
More pics tomorrow once I complete Kate and her daughter's bouquets!

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