Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Custom Stickers for junghaw by Amy Stewart

I have to admit, that I've been loving everything from junghwa by amy stewart. You ask, "who is junghwa by amy stewart?" Well she's the older sister of Myra Callan of Twigs & Honey! I bought several pieces in the last few weeks and Amy is super sweet and very helpful. Everyone I bought her items for loved them, me included!
Anyway, Amy was gracious enough to purchase a custom cupcake from me for her god-daughter for her baptism. I specially boxed it up for her in a sinamay box, ribbon band and the gofigurette! logo. She loved the cupcake and the packaging and asked if I take custom orders for stickers. She said she had been looking and hadn't found anything she liked nor knew someone who could design something she had in mind. I'm not exactly the graphic designer, so I was touched she asked me to take a stab at it and I managed to create something she really liked!I asked her what she was interested in and she picked a design my brother had done for me a few years back for a baby shower. It's an illustration of a cherry blossom branch. So a few emails back and forth and voila! I was so touched she asked and she's super happy with her new stickers to package her items with. I love her wooden logo tags! I need to get some of those. :)Both Amy and Myra are two very talented and sweet people and I'm so happy that I've gotten to know both of them. :) Be sure to check out Amy's shop. I love that her pieces are so stylish and most importantly affordable!


Aimee Boyle said...

Hi Diane,

You're very artistic! Do you mind sharing with me some photos of the "sinamay box" with the cupcake you made for Junghwa?

Will send you more samples when you need them.


junghwa by amy stewart said...

Diane! Thank you again for the lovely stickers. I am so excited to start using them. They're going to be on everything!

Also, thank you kindly for the post. You are such a wonderfully talented and kind person and I've really enjoyed working with you these past few weeks. I will most definitely be purchasing more items from you!