Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kulia I Ka Nu'u Award in Honor of Brothers Cazimero

Every year I'm tasked with the honor of making a 5 strand pikake and pakalana lei out of clay and create the shadow box award. This year was a little last minute and every year seems to creep up faster. I honestly dislike to make leis and I think it is the only one I make every year. This lei however is an honor to create year after year because it goes to some truly gifted individuals who play a vital role in the Hawaiian community and spread Aloha to those of us in the Bay Area. In past years, my lei shadow box has gone to Sam Choy, June Jones (former head coach of the UH Warriors football team), Roy Yamaguchi (Roy's Restaurants) and now the Brothers Cazimero. They are one of my favorite musicians of all time. My favorite song they sing is Puahone, which is the song I danced for my husband at our wedding.
Interestingly enough speaking of the number 5 (5 strand lei, Five Star Aloha Gala), today marked my 500th sale on Etsy! Thank you to all those who buy my clay flowers and enjoy them. I so appreciate all the business I have received in the last few years. Each an every day I'm so fortunate and happy to be able to do what I love most.

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Lea McIntosh said...

I love the lei! It's beautiful. : ) I will have to hear the song Puahone.