Monday, June 28, 2010

Custom Floral Arrangement for the Winner of the Nesting Newbies 1st Bluebirdbag Giveaway!

It's been a crazy wedding season thus far but I finally had a chance to work on the giveaway piece from the Winter issue of Nesting Newbies' bluebirdbag giveaway. The winner had the option of receiving the peony and cherry blossom arrangement or do a custom floral arrangement. Jennifer Durham of Spry on the Wall blog requested a custom piece. She's been ever so patient fortunately, but today I finished her custom piece. Jennifer sent me a picture of her bridal bouquet and asked if I could recreate the flowers (ivory roses, green cymbidiums and some brown elements). It was great because the vase I chose was already a deep dark brown. Her wedding bouquet had some orange in it but she said it wasn't particularly what she had wanted and the florist threw them in.
I decided to incorporate some light green viburnum and brown branches since her colors were predominantly ivory/white, green and brown. She saw the pictures today and she said it brought tears to her eyes.I get to enjoy this beautiful piece for a week or so before I ship to her. Check out Jennifer's blog at Be sure also to check out Nesting Newbies magazine because the next big giveaway is coming soon - the clay flower pendant that graced the current issue is going to be part of the In'betweet giveaway contest! You could win my clay flower pendant that's valued at over $1200. Over 200 flowers in this beauty!


Dobbygirl said...

I'm just so excited - I can't wait to get it! Thanks for the lovely write up and I'll let you know when my post about it is up. I guess it would be too greedy of me to enter to win that pendant - LOL! You have been nothing but wonderful to work with! Thanks again!!!!!

DK Designs said...

Will be shipping later this week! :) I'm happy this arrangement will be going to a happy home. :)