Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vibrant Bouquet for a Gloomy Day....

Now that the Garden Art Party weekend is past me, I'm feverishly working on catching up on all my bridal orders. Yesterday I spent all day working on this order. I finished all the flowers and there will be more photos to come tomorrow, but I was able to finish the bride's bouquet this morning. Today it's gloomy and wet out and this definitely brightened my day with all it's vibrant colors!
I honestly have to say that I was never good with colors. You probably wouldn't believe it. When I took my classes at the Academy, my colors were always pastels (pink, yellow, peach, and green). Everything I did were in those colors. It was hard for me to go bold. It's a lot of experimentation and even when I think it won't look good, surprisingly it does.

My client Tamara is getting married the day after Mother's Day and she specifically had colors she is using for her wedding, dark pinks, baby pinks, oranges, goldenrod yellow, ice blue and gold. I thought it was a weird combination with the ice blue, but now all put together, it looks SO AMAZING! I think with all the bright colors, the ice blue really softens the otherwise vibrant flowers. Her wedding invitations had illustrations of various colors of dahlias to match her colors for her wedding so she asked for dahlias to be included as well as tuberose, roses and ranunculus.
Well, I just wanted to share a few photos to brighten your day as it has mine on this otherwise very gloomy Tuesday!


Jacqueline Butler said...

I completely understand the color thing! I am stuck in a pastel phase right now and am hoping to find the confidence to try some bolder and darker color combinations! Thanks for the great reminder to try it!! Your final bouquet is just gorgeous!

invitemecreativeannouncements.blogspot.com said...

GOREGEOUS - with a capital G!

I am struggling in the pastels too and rarely use the pop of colour!

The bride must LOVE this clay keepsake - bravo Diane!