Sunday, March 28, 2010

Custom Cake Topper - Peonies, Ranunculus and Stephanotis

My blog posts have been light for a while because I've been busy working on a big project. Now that this big project is done, I'm back to fulfilling my orders for my brides. I wanted to share this beautiful cake topper that I created for a bride getting married next month. She requested a cake topper filled with white and pink peonies, peach ranunculus, and stephanotis flowers with pearl centers.It's the first time I've created this style of cake topper. Normally I make individual flowers for the pastry chefs or wedding cake designers to place on the cake or put them in a vase to put on top of the cake. This particular client wanted something that would look like they were placed on the cake but already arranged to perfection.
I think it came out beautifully. So romantic, delicate and pretty. Looks great on my faux cake from Jen's Cakes!
I have a couple more clients requesting this type of cake topper with different flowers so I'm excited now to work on theirs as well! Lots of little orders to fill so I have to get back to work and I have a couple big wedding orders coming due soon so more pictures to follow, promise!


Royal Bebe Shoppe said...

You're absolutely the most talented person on the planet! I am completely blown away by how absolutely flawless your work is. Just breathtaking :)

DK Designs said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! :) I love what I do and it's always a creative process. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.

Emmy said...

Absolutely beautifull!!!Unfortunately for me I live so faraway to take classes from you. Keep up the nice work.