Monday, February 22, 2010

Orange Poppy and Purple Violet Bridal Bouquet

I'm sure you've all been wondering what I've been up to since my blog posts are few and far between. Well, lots of stuff has been going on. I have been training a woman from the UK for the last 2 weeks and she's in the home stretch in her last week of training. She's doing an awesome job and I'm very excited for her to start sharing the art of CLAYCRAFT by DECO with the European world! We've been working 6-7 hour days plus lots of homework in the evenings and she's doing splendidly. She's another natural and I'm excited she'll soon be an instructor!

Also we've gone through something very sad in our lives. My mother-in-law passed away on Valentine's Day and it's hit us all very hard. The tears, sadness and the difficult task of explaining to a 5 year old why Grandma is no longer with us. My mother-in-law was and still is a beautiful soul. She lost her battle with cancer on Valentine's Day. It will be a day we will always remember. She was truly a loving and caring person.
I know you're all wondering what about my flowers. Well, I've been busy with flowers and invitations. I've got a couple big orders that I'm working on and the first one is this one shown. My client's colors are orange and purple with hints of red since she's marrying someone who happens to be Chinese. So she wanted to include his traditions. She decided on orange poppies and purple violets. The violets have special meaning to her since they were her mother's favorite flower and her mother is unable to be with them so she wanted to have a piece of her late mother. What a great tribute. I know they say that oranges and purples go well together and now I really do see that they do! It's such a striking bouquet. Wait until you see the bridesmaid bouquets and boutonnieres. That will be later this week.

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