Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My UK Student's Theme Project!

My UK student, Jules, is in the home stretch. This week she will complete C2 of the DECO Clay Craft Academy curriculum courses. She finished her theme project today, which is 1 of 2 certification projects she must complete in order to apply to become an instructor. This one was fun helping her create the pieces and showing her how to make things out of clay that she had envisioned in her sketch.
She bought this beautiful little box that looks like a vintage piece of luggage. She wanted to create a little gift for her best friend who is having a little boy in May. As we worked on the piece, things changed a little bit based on the size of the container she wanted to use. Originally she had wanted to put, "Baby Boy" on the blanket, but because of the small nature of the bed, I suggested maybe making puffy pillows and spelling just "Boy" out. She also wanted a toy chest and so I helped her figure out how to create it out of clay and we added some little toys coming out of the toy chest and she made the letters for the toy chest. She wanted a sleeping bear hanging out of the box so that took some thought but I have to say since I started gofigurette! with Myrna earlier this year, it has helped me to figure out a lot in regards to creating figurines and things out of clay. Wire is my friend! LOL.

Jules did an amazing job and I love how she incorporated the colors from the box into her composition. I asked her if I could keep it but she politely said, "NO!" Her friend will be completely blown away and I am sure become emotional when she sees just how cute this really is!I'm very proud of Jules for taking the chance to come out from the UK to take these classes and really push herself to finish as there is A LOT to work on in 3 short weeks. She's a real trooper. I can be a real slave driver, but she kept up and has grasped many of the techniques I taught her over the last month. I think we've become friends and I've really enjoyed spending time with her. I now have a friend in the UK through the love of DECO! :)

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Jen said...

i love the sleeping bear...he's a cutie!