Monday, January 4, 2010

Spring Wedding Invitations

My clients, Heather and David are super sweet. Heather contacted me several months back and then we were able to schedule an appointment and I totally forgot about it. Luckily my husband was home to entertain them while I drove 15 minutes back to the house to meet with them. Not a good first meeting in my eyes (because I forgot), but they were really sweet and we were able to come up with a design they liked. Heather's colors are various shades of pink and orange. So she selected the cardstocks and ribbon she liked best and we tossed around some images of roses and orchids. This is the final result. I have to say this is probably my new favorite color combination and flower design. The rose is so firey and pops with color while the rest of the invitation is a little more subdued.
Lots of invitation orders for 2010 weddings to work on this week....