Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Flowers???

Earlier this week I got an unusual request from a dear woman who is an integral part for Spirit Jump and helps Meaghan in her endeavors to help others. She is going to a company holiday party in conjunction with Ann Taylor. She said she was wearing a black velvet dress. So I asked her what flower she'd like and she said, "something in black." WHAT??? So, I put my creative thinking cap on and showed her a picture of a purple anemone I recently made and told her maybe we could do it in black. Since black can be a drab color (even though it's seen as a very elegant color as well), I decided to add a little sparkle and some fun things like feathers!

So this is the work in progress. I decided to put it on a hair comb due to it's size. I'm excited to finish it and who knows, maybe I'll be offering this on Etsy. It is quite dramatic. :)

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