Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tiare Hair Flower Now on Etsy - As Seen on Proposal in Paradise!

Last week I did a post about Proposal in Paradise - a top notch video and photo production produced and conceptualized by Lea McIntosh. We were recently given the green light to blog about the project and I figured now would be a great opportunity to use some of the images from the shoot as a way to promote my latest Etsy listing. Granted, we don't yet have the high-resolution images from the photographer, but I was able to capture some of the images from his slide show. Michael Soo Photography is amazing and I'm so happy I got a chance to work with him.At any rate, tiare flowers are so abundant in places like Hawaii and Tahiti. You always see locals wearing the fresh ones. The unfortunate thing with tiare flowers is that they bruise and wilt very easily. That's another reason why I love CLAYCRAFT by DECO soft clay. You can now have the delicate tiare flower in clay form which with a little care, will last you a long time. :)
This tiare flower was seen in almost every shot of the Proposal in Paradise - Vendor Chic III production and I'm still so humbled by the experience and the fact that my work was featured so prominently in the production. :)
I digress..... Now you can have your very own tiare hair flower via my Etsy shop. I'll be adding more in the coming days, but there are currently 3 for sale. More hair flowers to come soon...

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