Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lily of the Valley Boutonnieres

I don't often receive requests for lily of the valley, but one of my Etsy clients asked me if I would make some lily of the valley boutonnieres for her wedding. She asked that the leaves be more of a silverish green color instead of a bright green. I always dreaded making these because they are so tiny and so time consuming, but this time, I enjoyed making them. I figured out what I did wrong the last time I tried to make them several months ago and I think more importantly they have become a flower that has meaning to me and my family.
My mother-in-law shared with me that lily of the valley was her parents' favorite flower and she grew up with them as a child. The original cutting was then given to her aunt after her parents passed away and she in turn gave some of the original plant cuttings to her eldest son. She had hoped to give us a cutting from the original plant, but had decided to buy a plant for us and have it shipped. The heat has not faired well on our lily of the valley plant, but we hope the cooler weather will help. My mother-in-law wanted us to pass this same tradition down to our son which makes it an important flower for me.

They are so delicate and so beautiful! I think they came out beautifully. Maybe the significance this flower brings to my mother-in-law helped me focus on getting the details just right!

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