Thursday, August 13, 2009


This morning I woke up with the goal in mind to get the Spirit Jump Blossoms up on Etsy today. Meaghan and Spirit Jump asked me to send her a write up and she is planning to talk about it on her podcast tonight. She's very excited about this new product designed for jumpees! So I went back into my studio to finish putting together the flowers in the vases.
I think they are super cute and they make me smile so I know whoever receives one of these little gems will love them too. What's not to like, they are beautiful, vibrant and carry a wonderful inspirational message in each one.
So visit Whether you're buying it for a jumpee or just as a gift for someone you care about, $5.00 of every sale of a Spirit Jump Blossom arrangement will be donated to Spirit Jump! For more information about Spirit Jump, visit! As I get through my wedding orders, I will work towards getting more varieties of flowers and inspirational messages up on my Etsy site, but I wanted to launch this wonderful program today because so many people need our love and to know that we care about them when they are going through a difficult time battling cancer...

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marie christine said...

I can't believe how wonderful these flowers are..
May these flowers bring happiness for ever !