Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coming Soon .... Clay Flower Gifts for Jumpees

I will have more on this post tomorrow as well as items in my Etsy shop, but I wanted to share what I've been working on today. As you know, I've become involved in a wonderful organization which helps cancer patients one card or gift at a time. Lifting their spirits and bringing them some happiness and joy while they are dealing with cancer. Many of these people are literally fighting for their lives. This organization has touched me in so many ways and I had decided to make something specific to sell as a gift for Jumpers to give to Jumpees. The even better part of it is.... I'm donating $5.00 of every sale of these small jumpee gifts back to Spirit Jump! Granted these gifts aren't just for jumpees, they are for anyone who needs a little cheering up.
I tried to think of something that would be appropriate and cheer them up. My mother-in-law too is fighting for her life battling bladder cancer. She's actually in the hospital as I write this and I'm very worried about her. Part of what I am doing is in honor of her strength, love and her always wanting to help others in need! She also told me that while she was in the hospital, she could not have fresh flowers so the clay flowers were a welcome site around the hospital and the entire staff raved about how real they looked and couldn't believe they were out of clay. My mother in law I think enjoyed telling them about me and how I was on the Martha Stewart Show! :)

So all this got me thinking, why not create a relatively inexpensive vase arrangement that people could buy and give to their loved ones who are battling cancer and other illnesses that they could cherish always. I found these cute little pewter charms as well with inspirational messages which I think are very powerful words and they symbolize a lot to those who need a lift it spirits!
This one is actually going to my mother-in-law tomorrow because pink roses are her favorite and she most definitely needs a Spirit Jump (even though she is not an official jumpee). She needs "hope" (I also added the charm "faith" as well). Hopefully this little gift of beauty and hope will raise her spirits and give her the energy she needs to fight. We are less than 3 weeks away from visiting her.

At any rate, I will have a few of these for sale with different flowers and different inspirational messages to sell on my Etsy site, so stay tuned for my next blog post. Again, $5.00 of every one of these sold will go to Spirit Jump to help them to continue to lift the spirits of cancer patients. :)

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marie christine said...

Oh oh it happened, I fell in love with this awesome bouquet !
First because I do love roses and this one looks -of course- amazing and secondly helping such a great cause, can we ask for more ? No ! I will look forward to your etsysite !