Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cake Topper = Keepsake Vase Arrangement

In between this post and my previous post this morning, I was working on Joyce's cake topper. Joyce asked that I create a keepsake cake topper that she can have as a home decor piece after the wedding. Much like what I did for my clients back in NY last year, I created a cake topper to match their wedding day flowers but that could be kept as a keepsake and decorative piece. I think more and more, brides are thinking about how to spend their money wisely and that's what I love about the clay flowers. They serve a purpose for your wedding day but at the same time they are also a keepsake and a decorative piece for the newlyweds' home!
I love this piece. So stunning against a white cake. You can even mask the vase so it looks like another layer with ribbon at the base.
Well, now that Joyce's cake flowers are done, I need to head back to my studio and make the 30 flowers for her favor boxes and finish her boutonnieres!


loren weltsch said...

absolutely beautiful! i love the vibrant colors!

marie christine said...

I'm delighted with those cake flowers, wonderful !