Tuesday, June 30, 2009

To all my Tiffany blue and orange brides - check this out!

One of my favorite Etsy jewelry designers, Otis B Jewelry came out today with a great necklace that I thought is PERFECT for all my brides & clients who have requested the Tiffany Blue and Orange color palette for their invitations. I always wondered why this color combination is so popular, but it really is. I think it's hands down my most popular one going on 3 years!Anyway, I'm Darrah's fan on Facebook and she shares her new jewelry creations with us and I saw this and thought to myself, "my brides would die over this and eat them up!" They are great bridesmaid gifts for your bridal party and will match your wedding colors!

Check her out at www.briguysgirls.etsy.com. She's affordable and she has some wonderful pieces. She basically comes out with something new almost every day! She's one prolific and very talented jewelry designer. Believe me, it takes all my will power not to buy a lot of her pieces!

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